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The perfect relationship is one where the husband and wife have good communication, love, and respect .They should be able to equally share responsibilities, decisions, and take care of their children. Not only will the relationship get stronger, but it will help the whole family to be happy and less stressed. Understandably both parents have to work to provide for their family needs. Consequently they should both clean, cook, and take care of their children. As parents they need to play a good role model for their kids and educate them very well. In addition they should respect each other, by not doing to their loved ones, anything that they wouldn’t like others doing to themselves, like cheating, lying, fighting just to mention some. However, they should also do fun things together as a family like going camping, playing tennis, going to the beach and taking vacation. These are fun things that will help the family to relax and have a closer relationship; to be able to communicate with respect and love.

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