Lesson Quote, Blowing Quote

Lesson Quote, Blowing Quote: Remember, there’s rarely a single, perfect solution for a problem. Be sure to offer the person you’re comforting one option, and make sure they understand that they have other options. One way to do this is to give them advice by using words like “perhaps,” “maybe,” “might,” etc. This way they won’t feel guilty if they decide not to follow your advice. Try to be honest to them, too. The worst thing you can do to someone in such a fragile state is outright lie. If you’re talking about subjects with serious consequences, try to tell the truth, even if it might hurt. If your girlfriend is asking advice about her boyfriend who dumped her, however, it’s okay to call the boyfriend a scumbag even if he’s alright. In that case, making her feel better is more important than telling the truth. Be careful about giving unsolicited advice, or advice that people don’t ask for. The other person may not want it, and if they follow it and fail (by no fault of your own), they could blame you.


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